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dembs-headshotokNPPN conducts a four-step search process that includes:


  • Conduct meetings with client, senior staff, board and/or search committee members to understand the organization’s, culture, mission, challenges and vision.
  • Assist in developing and/or reviewing job description.
  • Maintain client contact with updates throughout the process.
  • Create an executive position synopsis for use in marketing and recruitment.
  • Create key competency profile based on established position parameters for use by NPPN and the search committee/client in the recruitment, pre-screening and interview process.


  • Research, recruit and utilize a targeted network to identify qualified candidates from the non-profit and corporate sectors.
  • Prepare and implement NPPN’s strategic approach to recruitment and networking looking for highly qualified passive and active candidates.
  • Conduct a database search for candidates with required skill level and experience.
  • Coordinate additional outreach via telephone contacts, professional networking, and newsletter mailings.
  • Post position opening; (internet sites, trade journals, and other publications) when appropriate.
  • Share the job description and organization’s materials with identified candidates.


  • Communicate with all candidates who have applied.
  • Review, evaluate and assess the most qualified candidates with a telephone screen, and in-person pre-screen interviews.
  • Present the “A List” candidates to the search committee. Discuss their candidacy, and select candidates to participate in the formal interview process.
  • Set-up and coordinate formal interview schedule with search committee and approved candidates.
  • Prepare and distribute interview packets to the search committee (to include candidate information, interview questions, schedules, illegal questions, etc.)
  • Participate in and facilitate interviews.
  • Conduct a debriefing session following the first interview to determine who will be asked to return for additional interviews.
  • Conduct thorough interviews with professional references for the final candidates.


  • Facilitate negotiations, as warranted
  • Coordinate all correspondence to candidates not offered the position.
  • Follow-up within six months with client and /or candidate to assess transition.
  • I have worked with Gary Dembs and his team for over 18 years.

    In 2014, the Detroit Medical Center worked with the staff and board at the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit, in the rebuilding of the new House.  We hired NPPN to manage our capital expansion campaign.  All indications point that the $3 million will be raised with Gary’s expertise, leadership, and thoughtful, strategic planning.

    Most recently, NPPN did the executive search for our marketing director.  We secured an extremely capable, talented marketing director, with the help of Gary and his team.

    Gary is extremely well connected in the non-profit community and has brought talent, new funds, excellent marketing strategies and financial guidance to our charity.  We highly recommend NPPN for executive search, strategic planning and capital campaign planning.

    Jennifer Litomisky Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House - Detroit

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