Dress For Success

Various sources agree, first impressions count! Studies show that many interviewers make up their minds about you after the first 10 seconds. How you dress is critical to that first impression. Professional presence is extremely important at all times.

How you look will open (or close) the door to opportunities. If you have strong skills and you get the business attire right, the sky is the limit. However if you miss with the dress code, no matter how competent, your climb will slow, if not stall.

Avoid wearing anything too distracting, too casual or flashy.  You want people to focus on what you say, not what you are wearing.


  • Always wear a suit; it conveys to the employer that you are serious about the position.
  • Professional image plays a large role in how you are selling yourself. You are marketing yourself.
  • Dress for the occasion, if the occasion is business, then dress as if you mean business.


  • Black, dark navy or gray colored suits give a psychological connotation of power, authority, knowledge, responsibility and success. Brown shows that you are dependable and stable.
  • A white shirt or a blouse gives a clean, formal and sophisticated presentation.


  • Vertical lines formed by classic three button jackets contribute to the illusion of height as do pin-stripes.
  • Single-breasted jackets are best for men and women of average height, whereas double-breasted jackets complement taller persons.
  • Unbutton the suit jacket when you sit or at least open the last button.
  • Crew neck blouses or sweaters under a jacket for women are better than button down shirts that tend to gap when you sit down.
  • No plunging necklines and no cleavage.


  • Slacks and skirts should fit properly, not too long and not too short.
  • Wearing ill-fitting or wrinkled clothes sends the message that you are slovenly and do not pay attention to detail.

Knowing that you are dressed for the occasion/interview, will increase your self-confidence and add immeasurably to your professional presentation.

  • I have worked with Gary Dembs and his team for over 18 years.

    In 2014, the Detroit Medical Center worked with the staff and board at the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit, in the rebuilding of the new House.  We hired NPPN to manage our capital expansion campaign.  All indications point that the $3 million will be raised with Gary’s expertise, leadership, and thoughtful, strategic planning.

    Most recently, NPPN did the executive search for our marketing director.  We secured an extremely capable, talented marketing director, with the help of Gary and his team.

    Gary is extremely well connected in the non-profit community and has brought talent, new funds, excellent marketing strategies and financial guidance to our charity.  We highly recommend NPPN for executive search, strategic planning and capital campaign planning.

    Jennifer Litomisky Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House - Detroit

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